"The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For My Students

Here is a recommended supply list for my new students:  begninning  paint class revsupplies or Beginning Jewelry Class I hope you enjoy painting as much as I do.  Remember:  It’s simple, but not easy until you practice!  It’s all about brush control. The 4 P’s of One Stroke:  Paint, Pressure, Position, and Practice.  Enjoy!!

Wow!  I have been having so much fun paper crafting that I am now a Close To My Heart Consultant!  It’s great to have a convenient source for quality paper crafting supplies!  I have had a lot of interest expressed in card making classes and will be starting them soon! You can shop for supplies at Chrislynncreations.ctmh.com


In the meantime,  here are some supply lists from past classes:

wire wrapped earrings( Wire wrapped earrings supply list)

cute bunny, chicks, etc ( Bunny and Chick Painting Supply List)

wiggle cuff bracelet (Jewelry 201)

cute rose bud vase (Painting Rose Bud Vase)

wiggle cuff bracelet (Jewelry 201)

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